Release Announcement: AutoSimply Barcode new verison IBv6.7 2020


Material Download: AutoSimply Barcode new verison IBv6.7 2020 

What’s New on IB 2020

Fine grained user security

It has an individual right to each of the Barcode screen/function. For example, you can now set security to a barcode user to process single PO receipt but not Receipt W/O PO

Printing document

After posting a document, the user can select to print the document to a warehouse printer with a selected crystal report. Each user can select a printer to print.


Snapshot is now available on PO receipt, OE shipment and MF issuance. A snapshot will be saved from time to time, if user exit the process without posting, the snapshot can be loaded and continue the process. The snapshot can be loaded form another device also.

Support partial invoice return with lot/serial

On previous version, IB only support a full invoice return if lot/serial item is involved, it supports a partial return now.

Advanced scanning feature (for mobile only)

The updated mobile version support quick scan and multiple scans at once. For detail, please refer to the Scan Mode section on Tips and Tricks.

OE Threshold

Allow user to ship extra goods based on the setting percentage, works like PO threshold.

Support auto-assign bin on all function (for mobile only)

Combined item, lot, serial and bin inquiry by item (for mobile only)

User can review the bin inquiry per item by select a location on stock tab of item inquiry (if bin module active) and lot/serial at the same place. Please refer to Inquiry section on tips and tricks part for detail.

AutoSimply Barcode Tips and Tricks


The app supports partial search. E.g. if you put in "accessories” in item description field of item search, the app shows all item with "accessories” in item description, all of the searching is not case sensitive.

Noted that the vendor/customer search only support search by vendor/customer code. Also, if only one result found on the searching, it will auto-select that vendor/customer.

Goods receipt for multiple purchase orders

The app supports creating a Goods Receipt PO from multiple purchase orders like Sage.

1.Select Goods Receipt PO

2.Search and select a vendor

3.Use the toggle on the right to select multiple purchase orders

4.Select Next (top right-hand arrow)

5.The list shows all items from the purchase orders and the corresponding purchase order numbers

These steps are applicable to multiple shipment order transaction.

Goods receipt without a purchase order

The app supports creating a Goods Receipt PO without a purchase order.

1.Select Goods Receipt PO

2.Search and select a vendor

3.Select Next without selecting any purchase order

4.You can start scanning to adding items to the list

These steps are applicable to Return Without PO.

Auto-generating lot or Serial numbers

The app supports auto-generating lot or serial numbers like Sage. The lot/serial detail screen divided into two parts. The one in the frame is for auto-generating, to auto-generate lot/serial number:

1.Fill in next lot/next serial if not following the default lot/serial number. (Left it blank for using default one)

2.Specify the number of lot (for auto-generating lot only).

Click generate button and the numbers will be generated automatically.


Scanning modes

Normal mode

After scanning each item, the app shows the item detail screen and allows you to specify the quantity. This mode allows you to scan an item and be able to specify large quantities.

Quick scan mode

Quick scan mode allows you to keep scanning items without specifying the quantity after each scan. The app assumes a quantity of one after each scan. If you are using the camera to scan barcodes, the app will keep the camera up after scanning each barcode. This mode is useful if you do not need to deal with large quantities and want to just scan all the items.

On scanning, there are green frame to mark all identified barcodes showing on the screen. User need to select any of them by tapping the green frame on screen.

Only quick scan mode allows multiple select and there is capture all button on top left-hand, the select all button will become unselect if all barcodes are selected as below screenshot. To confirm, click on the capture button below, the number showing is the number of barcodes selected.

Multiple UOM handling on one transaction

When user deals with a transaction of one item with different UOM, if simply click on one item line, it will edit the selected item only as usual.

If input the item number, it will redirect to a new tabbed page for PO receipt and OE shipment only. The combined page (see figure 1) will show the total amount of each UOM and the items page showing all item lines that contains the input item with its UOM.

Tabbing an item line on items tab work like usual way. If tabbing a combined item line on combined tab, it can edit all item line with that item number and that UOM. The allocation of Qty., lot umber and serial are work like first come first serve. After confirming the input, it will go back to multiple UOM handling screen (screen on figure 1), on items tab, the Qty. will update with the input.

Colour of item line

Take the situation on Figure 2 as example, completed item line will show in green, processing item line will show in yellow and item line not touched in yet will shows in white.

Figure 1, handling on same item with multiple UOM


Figure 2, handling a combined item line


The inquiry is re-construct the workflow. User can drill down on the inquiry to have a more detailed inquiry after select a location on stock tab after input an item.

Bin Inquiry by item

If bin module is activated and both location and item is bin tracked, it will show the bin inquiry on item level which is the stock information on each bin

Lot/serial Inquiry

To review lot/serial of the item,

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