AutoSimply SalesAnyhwere 2021 New Features and Enhancements


SalesAnywhere 2021 New Features and Enhancements

Support partial shipment

Support edit document

Support Kitting item with component stock information and quantity checking

Support miscellaneous charges

Enhanced item searching to show prices and default selling UoMs

POS mode

- Grid view with item images

- Payment with credit card function (need to set up credit card mapping)

- Receipt and report printing

- Document action and permission settings

- Item stock information in locations

- Retrieve previous documents for editing, posting and report printing

Support "Ship Via" input and default ship via value for document

Support to select price list when editing item

Option to keep quotation while creating document(s) based on the quotation

Over-ship warning

Add Korean language and multi-language support

Added validation and checking for actions in different document types

Added commit quantity function and commit all quantity in a document

Added price check and multiple validation when editing item detail

Added quantity and commit quantity checking for kitting item

Added document discount percentage and amount

Added option to include misc. charges for discount

Added default price list in SalesAnywhere options

Added more detail information when searching customer (e.g.price list, terms, credit limit...)

Added more detail information when searching document (e.g.related documents, tax, total, last created by...)

Added "Reference" column input for document

Added "PO number" column input for document

Added header and line "Expected ship date” input

Added header "Comment” input for document

Added "Ship date” input for shipment


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