New Release AutoSimply BarCode v69(2022)


We've released AutoSimply BarCode v69(2022).
Click here← to download the installation.

New features include:
  • Picklist can be used together with BarCode or as a stand-alone module with Sage 300 Order Entry (O/E)- pick and pack (New Modules!!!)
    • Create picklists against single or multiple Sales Orders
    • Create multiple shipments against picklists
    • Use BarCode to enable warehouse to post transactions real-time against picklists
  • Label printing in BarCode app
    • for IC/PO/MF FG receipt
      • 2 setup modes:
        • print to printer
        • print to text
      • default Crystal report is ‘IBLBLITEM.rpt’ in <Sage installation Path>\IB69A\ENG
    • Reprint function available
      • Select any saved/closed documents to print
  • User can save all IC transactions
    • From internal usage to shipment return
  • Serial return
    • By scanning a serial number, User can return a particular item in invoice
  • Shipment without SO
    • User can create shipment without select any OE order (same workflow as receipt WO PO)
  • Location restriction of BarCode user
    • Added location tab in Sage -> user master
    • User can only access the assigned location in BarCode app
  • Committed Qty. option
    • Added User Settings tab in Sage -> user master
    • OE outstanding qty. would take place of committed qty. if the option is checked
  • Comment field can be shown for internal usage in app
  • Adding ship via and shipment tracking in header/detail level in mobile
  • Maximum idle time for BarCode App
    • Set max idle time in BarCode option
    • To disable max idle time for a user, check "Disable App Idle Timeout” option in BarCode user master
  • Shipment
    • Allow to select Lot/Serial (named feature as suggest lot/serial)
    • Allow to auto allocate Lot/Serial (named feature as auto allocate lot/serial)
      • Separated functions in bin situation:
        • Auto allocate with bin (before input bin number)
        • Auto allocate in current bin (after input bin number)
      • Auto allocate sequence following Sage -> IC option -> lot/serial tab -> allocate sequence
  • Batch MO support in mobile

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