New Release AutoSimply Barcode v69 (2022) PU1


We've released AutoSimply BarCode v69(2022).

Click here← to download the installation.

New Features in IB69 PU1:

Sage 300, I/B Picklist

-Generate Picklist

o Faster speed to Create Picklist


o Support Bin tracking

o Support Non-Bin tracked item number in picklist

o Support negative bin quantities setup

o Support fractional quantity setup

o Support Auto-Allocation lot/serial number

o Support reserved lot/serial number with bin

o Support lot/serial expiry date

- Picklist Options

o Added P/L updates Committed Quantity option

Barcode App (Android, UWP and iOS)

o Support Picklist Bin tracking

o Support user login complexity password

Bug fixed in IB69 PU1:

Web Service version

1.Change Picklist number status to closed, will auto delete all item lines.

2.Picklist, item with bin quantity, various bug fix

3.Sage Picklist follow B/T Bin Setup, Allow item in this bin option.

4.Sage Generate Picklist, Filter special character handing.

5.Picklist, item quantity checking improvement.

6.Sage Generate Picklist, item number description will be showing edit value.

7.Picklist quantity field of lot/serial number, showing stock date.

8.Support Lot mask structure without characters.

9.Auto allocation reserved expired lot/serial number improvement.

10. Fix return item with wrong location record.

App Version 2022 1.0

1.Picklist, item quantity checking improvement.

2.Auto allocation negative lot quantity improvement.

3.Lot/serial number optional field improvement.

4.Lot/serial item with bin location, showing all location total quantity label, and the lot/serial detail screen add a bin number to display the all lot/serial number in different bin.

5.Fix return new lot/serial number issues.

6.Fix mobile device posting with item location issues.

7.Reserved lot/serial number improvement.

8.Fix master item with lot/serial posting error

9.UI and security improvement

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