AutoSimply BarCode is a simple and cost-effective solution that makes use of web service technology and the Sage 300 SDK to provide real-time online posting of transactions from handheld computers or tablets in the warehouse.

Key features

Purchase Order (P/O)
•   Receipt based on a single purchase order, multiple purchase orders, or without a purchase order
•   Goods Return

Order Entry (O/E)
•   Shipment based on a single sales order, or multiple sales orders
•   Return based on shipments and invoices

Inventory Control (I/C)
•   Internal usage
•   Transfer and transit transfer
•   Stock count based on I/C Inventory Worksheets
•   Receipt and return
•   Shipment and return
•   Assembly and disassembly

•  Can generate picklist by filtering different factors such as Order Num., Customer Num., Delivery Date, or Item Num. etc..
•  Create picklists against single or multiple Sales Orders
•  Create multiple shipments against picklists
•  Allocate lot / Serial in Picklist

Serialized Inventory and Lot Tracking
•  All transactions (except stock count) support items with Lot and/or Serial numbers
•  Auto generate Lot/Serial numbers upon goods receipt

•  Item and stock level inquiry
•  Lot and Serial number inquiry
•  Pending receipt and shipment inquiry

Bin Tracking by Orchid Systems
AutoSimply BarCode supports Bin Tracking by Orchid Systems. Bin Tracking sub-divides a warehouse location in multiple bins which can include shelves, slots, pallets or drawers, which improves location tracking of items within a warehouse.

Industry barcode standards
AutoSimply Barcode supports industry barcode standards that allow for multiple information to be encoded in a single barcode. Efficiency of scanning items improves even further. With one scan, the program can capture all these information if they are in the barcode:

Designed for global trading and distribution, it is common for businesses to receive and ship goods with GS1 barcodes, or produce products with GS1 labelling.

The Health Supplier Labelling Standard is designed for the medical supplies industry. The standard supports both linear and 2D barcodes.


•   Sage 300 v2018  or above
•   One Sage 300 Lanpak for connection, regardless of the number of Barcode users
•    Windows Server 2012 or above with Internet Information Server (IIS) as the web server

Handheld devices
•   Android 5.0 or above
•   iOS 10.0 or above
•   Wi-Fi connection to the Barcode web server