Shop Floor Control records detailed production data from material issuance to the finished goods being produced by recording time and shop transactions during production process for efficiency and utilization analysis.  

Measure production efficiency with time entries
•  Record and analyse actual operation times to measure efficiency of the production processes
•  Times entries include time for setup, runtime, clean-up, re-work, downtime and indirect stoppages, and include shop operators and shift data to measure performance per 

•  Post time entries against products, operations and work centres

Analyse utilization
•  Analyse utilization with time entries posted against work centres and stations

Automatic WIP consumption
•  WIP quantities are consumed based on receipt and scrap quantities in shop floor entries
•  Provides real-time WIP balance information during the production process

Optional resource cost allocation
•  Allocate actual resource costs to manufactured products based on proportional labour hours recorded in shop floor entries