Designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, Manufacturing Order enables an efficient production flow covering manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout.

Super-charged BOM structure
•  Unlimited number of BOM codes and versions per product
•  Up to 16 BOM levels
•  Detailed item routing information
•  Supports unlimited number of co-products

Increased accuracy of production cost calculation
•  Rolled up standard item costing from Sage 300 Inventory Control upon finished goods receipt
•  Costs can be based on material and resource requirements, including labour and overhead costs
•  Accurate costs adjustments upon closeout of manufacturing orders

Operation-based transactions
•  Sub-divide production floor into work centres used by BOM operations
•  Transactions such as material issuances, WIP consumption or scrap can be performed by operations

Easier monitoring of WIP
•  Materials issued from I/C are tracked as WIP
•  WIP consumption and scrip transactions track WIP movement as it happens
•  Unconsumed WIP are automatically allocated upon closeout of manufacturing orders

•  Create material issuances and finished goods receipts in one step if production time is short

•  Create manufacturing orders, issuances and receipts in one step for Just-in-Time (JIT) production

I/C stock balance and history
•  All transactions are posted directly to I/C stock and history tables

Serialized inventory and lot tracking
•  Full support of serial and lot numbers for I/C items
•  Define lot and serial numbers for materials issued, returned and finish goods received in the warehouse